Wheel Alignments

As the name implies, wheel alignment refers to how your tyres line up in relation to the pavement and the other tyres. Even minimal daily driving can cause the type of bumps and obstacles that can throw the alignment of your tyres out of whack. Randwick Car Care is outfitted with equipment that can detect even the most minimal alignment issues and our technicians are specialists at correcting alignment issues.

How To Know If You Need A Wheel Alignment

When your wheels are out of balance, you'll certainly notice a pull to one side as you are driving. This pull can be more than frustrating - it can actually mean you have less driving control. An expert wheel alignment service will include inspections not only of the wheels and tyres, but also of the axles that connect the wheels and other components. Sometimes, these parts are responsible for the problem and completing a wheel alignment in these situations will only work for a very short period of time.

If the tyres on your BMW or Hyundai are already past their expected life, then it's more likely that you'll need replacements rather than alignment. In any case, our technicians will give you their professional opinions and let you know the different repair or replacement options that are possible.

Wheel Balancing

They may share a similar name, but wheel alignment and wheel balancing are two separate concepts that both apply to your car's handling and ride comfort. With the latter, the major symptom is that your car will begin to vibrate at around the 50 kph mark. When this happens, what it means is that one of your tyres is heavier in some parts than others. Fortunately, there is an easy way to correct this issue.

The Randwick Car Care technician working on your vehicle will start by using a balancing machine to identify the part of the tyre that is heavier. Once this part has been located, a lead weight will be applied to the opposite side to achieve balance. It may seem like a simple fix, but the truth is that it makes a major difference in your ride quality and how your tyres wear. This problem is most common with cheaper tyres, which is why we recommending buying top of the line whenever possible.

If you think you may have wheel alignment or balancing issues, Randwick Car Care is never more than a phone call away. Set up a convenient time to come in and we'll return your car's ride to the way it was meant to be.



   Got my car towed to randwick car care centre as my car had broken down in the middle of a busy intersection. The guys looked at it with-in a few hours of having dropped in to them and was back on the road that afternoon, FANTASTIC JOB DONE ON THE CAR. Will definately be back to get service done in a few weeks. ..


   Was very IMPRESSED with the service and courteousness of the guys there. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Rang me with a quote and to tell me what was wrong with my car after they checked my car over. Kept me updated during the day. My car has never sounded or run better. These guys are FANTASTIC HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…..


  I just wanted to say this has been the best car service I've ever encountered. In the past I have experienced times where I've felt pressured in to fixing things / adding additional items to the service that either haven't been necessary or I wasn't alerted to them prior to the service being completed. You guys truly performed a seamless job. Fantastic customer service. I will be recommending you guys to all of my friends!