Car Inspections

Contrary to what you might believe, vehicle inspections are about much more than registration fees and generating revenue. They're actually an organised way to ensure that all cars on the road are safe and drastically help lower the number of accidents and traffic fatalities in Sydney. An inspection will not only check the function of a specific car but will also verify that the vehicle is covered by third-party insurance.

At Randwick Car Care, we believe strongly in routine inspections and the benefits they provide. That's why we offer a host of inspection services that range from investigating used cars prior to purchases, issuing approval reports, and advising repairs that will allow a car to be registered successfully.

Inspections For Used Cars

Before you buy any used car in Sydney, Randwick Car Care should be your first stop prior to signing the papers. We'll investigate every aspect of your potential new ride, including mechanical function, under structure, bodywork, electrical systems, and many more.

We want drivers in the Eastern Suburbs to feel confident when they buy a used car and this inspection will make sure that there's no worries that the potential purchase could be a lemon. If you're in the market for a new used car, call us to arrange a time for a pre-purchase inspection.

Pink Slips, Blue Slips, & e-Safety Checks

Randwick Car Care has full authorisation (AIS) for all forms of registration inspections, including pink slips, blue slips, and e-Safety Checks for all cars that have more than three years of age. You'll know whether or not you need one of these inspections when you receive your registration renewal notice.

Essentially, all three forms are the same inspection, but have slightly different applications. A blue slip inspection happens when you are registering a car in NSW for the first time. Pink slips and e-Safety Checks are the same, with the exception being that the former results in a physical report and the latter's report is sent directly (electronically) to the RTA.

White Slips

If your car doesn't pass inspection when you visit Randwick Car Care, then we'll give you a white slip that details the problems needing to be fixed before registration can be completed. We'll also give you a free estimate of how much it would cost to have the repairs done at our Sydney garage.

Driving without registration or insurance is serious business and can come with demerit points as well as expensive fines up to $5500. With our affordable inspection prices, it's much easier to get legal and avoid the worry.



   Got my car towed to randwick car care centre as my car had broken down in the middle of a busy intersection. The guys looked at it with-in a few hours of having dropped in to them and was back on the road that afternoon, FANTASTIC JOB DONE ON THE CAR. Will definately be back to get service done in a few weeks. ..


   Was very IMPRESSED with the service and courteousness of the guys there. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Rang me with a quote and to tell me what was wrong with my car after they checked my car over. Kept me updated during the day. My car has never sounded or run better. These guys are FANTASTIC HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…..


  I just wanted to say this has been the best car service I've ever encountered. In the past I have experienced times where I've felt pressured in to fixing things / adding additional items to the service that either haven't been necessary or I wasn't alerted to them prior to the service being completed. You guys truly performed a seamless job. Fantastic customer service. I will be recommending you guys to all of my friends!